Sunday, January 19, 2014

Prepare for the Common Core Math Formative Assessments with Skip Fennell

Although formative assessment is a natural part of the process of teaching and learning, Skip Fennell outlines some clarifying thoughts on the topic in this 30 minute webinar hosted by LearnZillion Co-founder, Eric Westendorf. Common Core does not change formative assessment in the classroom but it does change how we should plan and apply it in the classroom. Skip Fennell explains the importance of this especially with regard to "hinge questions." Teachers are encouraged to take the time to read the Common Core Progressions Document which clarify the learning progression to target knowledge of Common Core. The planning of hinge questions as formative assessment becomes a less overwhelming task when designed around these pathways to the end goals of Common Core Math.

Here are some other great teacher learning progression resources for Common Core Mathematics.
The Learn Zillion Insider, 3 Steps to  Understanding Your Common Core Standard
The Mathematics Common Core Toolbox
Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics (KATM) Common Core "Flipbooks"
North Carolina State Department of Education "Unpacked Standards"