See my scoop-it for a collection of ideas and research for flipped lessons here

These are the links that I am  using with my flipped lessons. I will share my flipping tools page when it is complete I will share my site when I am done building but it will take all year as I build my new units around CCSS is a great presentation page for a collection of tasks for a lesson. You can upload video, type in text, add links, insert assessment and upload your own documents. You can also search other teachers public lessons and use theirs too. It is very easy to learn to use. My first lesson was introducing a tessellation project to my students. I videoed myself (with a flip camera) demonstrating making a tessellation tile. My sixth graders were impressed that it was my presentation. There is something more engaging to the students when the video is created by their teacher.

I also think this site would be a great place for students to present project work. I plan to try this out with our first project in the fall, "My Special Number."

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