Thursday, July 19, 2012

Students need to experience the benefits of change to believe in the value of it.

I read somewhere recently that students can't be expected to believe in the value of changes for their learning before they have experienced the benefits of such changes. 

Thank you MathManTP for reminding me out how important it is to teach students how to change the way they learn in order to make them accountable for their learning. Once they experience the value of the changes they will make it their way of learning. 

It is important to teach students how to listen to a video. I model (in a funny way) I am the student and I watch a video the wrong way. Next, I ask for ideas on what would make good listening with a "video for learning" which is different than a "video for entertainment." A few tips I have learned from other teachers doing this; keep the videos short (2-3 min) at least in the beginning and set the learning goals of the video up front so students know what they are listening for. I also provide 2 column note templates with very clear goals or some parts started so all they have to do is complete the notes. My school uses 2-column notes in all grades and content areas so my students come trained with this skill. Also, have follow up discussions about the at home experience. I think my biggest mistake in the classroom is not taking the time for discussions because I am rushing through the curriculum. Students always surprise me with their rich ideas.

6 Things to remember in September:

  • Start flipping lessons with quick (2min) videos
  • Model listening to a "learning video"
  • Clearly state goals of video
  • Provide 2 column notes with some parts left blank for notes from video
  • Quick online formative assessment for data to structure collaborative class groups
  •  Make collaborative class groups dynamic, fun, interesting so students experience the value of the change to flipped lessons

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