Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 3 of school, taking it slow...

 I am trying to keep the flipped as simple as I can. I am still trying to decide where is the best place to host flipped lessons. Mentormob is nice and so is but I don't want to send the students to a million different sites. I want to develop a strong routine from the start so it is always clear. I have a google site that I am organizing with all my content by chapters and standards so students can refer to this for review, documents, links....but I still need a place to present each flipped lesson. I love Edmodo and was thinking I could organize chapters and lessons in the library and share folders but they still need a path. Then I was thinking I could just post the path each night. Video link here, write notes, answer two assessment questions here.....all in Edmodo post. I could make each flipped lesson an assignment in Edmodo and ask the students to write a brief summary, or questions, or maybe a different thing each time to assess they watched the video.

So this is my path:

Google site for all references, content, standards, documents, video links

Edmodo as the door into all flipped lessons

  1. Create library of folders by chapters and lessons for students. 
  2. Post each flipped lesson,
  3.  video, 
  4. lesson objectives, 
  5. notes templete or other documents (google?)
  6.  Edmodo turn in assignment for summary, questions...etc. ,
  7. Assistment link for formative assessment at adjustment points of lessons
My goal is to create a strong routine that is not too complicated for term 1. Get a strong start and maybe add some new technology in term 2.

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